Julie B is currently showing at Addington Gallery, in ALL TERRAIN: Landscape Explorations exhibition March 4-April 29, 704 N Wells St, Chicago, Illinois

PODCAST Interview with Julie B by journalist, Tedd Mills, of The FunkzonePodcast PODCAST LINK CLICK HERE

"In the end, Montgomery's art achieves a transcendental effect by establishing a connective bridge between the artist, the world and the viewer, and the sure but mysterious spaces linking them."
- Josef Woodard, SB Art Critic

"Montgomery pursues a vision of painting that combines a zen-like appreciation for the value of spontaneity with a meticulously planned process. Blending rigor and freedom in this way allows her to create convincing landscapes that retain the compositional integrity and shifting layers of color one ordinarily associates with pure abstraction."
- Charles Donelan, SB Art Critic

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